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Thanks for your interest in The B Company!  The B. Company is the ideal “tool” to push your contents all over the World.

Born in 2008 and headquartered in Switzerland, The B. Company, with its dynamical and lightweight structure can easily respond to any client’s requirement and fit to the latest technological innovations in terms of audience research, consumption and tastes.

Together with the classical distribution, we work with a huge network of VOD platforms, that can generate high revenue for our filmmakers and catalog owners. 

Are you a producers, sales agents, distributors, mini-majors, studios and you own or control high profile titles or a large scale catalog? Use our service to push your content to the major streaming platforms worldwide. We can release your catalog quickly, safely and easily: we do all the boring technical work! 

Video streaming is now “The Market”. We choose the best contents for the specific audience, in order to get the highest revenues. 

Ask your access and see what we can offer!

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