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Julia seems to have it all together: a good job, a lovely house in the suburbs and two children with her caring husband Paul, but she has antidepressants stashed away in her kitchen drawer. Her life is so different to how she and her brother Jimmy imagined it would be when they were young. It has been twenty years since she had to say goodbye to hime, yet his death still haunts her. After a fight with Paul, Julia decides to do something drastic. She runs off, like Jimmy would have done, to the ‘end of the world’: Portuguese Algarve. Although she makes new friends and reinvents herself completely, she discovers along the way that escaping is not the same as finding happiness. When she meets mysterious gigolo Romeo, Julia’s past really starts to catch up with her.
direction by:Ineke Houtman
cast:Rik Mayall, Abbey Hoes, Kees Boot
duration:96 min
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