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The G.M. Affair

A wealthy financier organizes a sensational burglary, employing mercenaries who do not know the instigator of the raid. The police track down one of the thieves, but cannot get into the mind of the person who thought up the robbery. The insurance company then puts in place a beautiful and unscrupulous investigator to shadow the detective appointed to the investigation. The beautiful Greta (Greta Martini), using her unconventional methods, gets close to various people in the jet-set and, after a few unsuccessful attempts, identifies Terry Caldwell (Denis Marti') as the probable organizer of the burglary. Between the two of them is born a dangerous game of seduction with the purpose, not much concealed, of getting the other one to spill the beans. Greta, with her charm and her bewitching methods, finds a way to break through Caldwell's defense shield to make it easier for the police to pick up the necessary signs in order to be able to catch him. Caldwell, driven by the desire to seduce, plans a new blow and gives Greta the choice between giving herself away or allowing him to be captured. Will Greta succumb to Caldwell's charm or will she be faithful to her duty?

direction by:Denis Marti
cast:Jasmine Black, Regina Moon, Anita Pearl, Britney
duration:120 min
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