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The Miller Prediction
direction by:  
Javier Ronceros
Jesse Woodrow, Tala Delvarani, Sarah Himadeh
80 min
An American veteran travels to the Middle East searching for peace after suffering the horrors of the Civil War and the ridicule of his peers over his 'crazy Uncle William's prediction' that the world would end in 1844. What he finds helps him solve a mystery that plagued his family and solves a mystery that had baffled scholars for centuries. Civil War Veteran MARK MILLER, 32, is torn with what he saw in the War and with personal issues related to his Great Uncle William Miller's well-publicized belief that the world should have ended in 1844. After the War he travels to the Middle East with his horse BUDDY, working for foreign companies while seeking understanding and inner peace. But peace is not coming. Following the sound of gunfire back to his Surveyor's base camp, he sees two team members dead along with several Persian religious refugees. Other members of the group are held captive and forced to watch as the bandits struggle with LAYLA, 20, who is about to receive 'special' treatment. Acting from a strong moral sense of duty, Miller, and a few minutes later his companions DIETER, and LENZ, successfully chase the bandits off, although Dieter and Lenz are themselves killed. Miller agrees to travel with Layla and the remaining pilgrims. The bandit leader, ISMAIL, is enraged to learn his men failed to capture the pilgrim's women and supplies... and that his son was killed. He vows revenge. On the way across the mountains to Haifa, Miller and the Pilgrims discuss the events that lead to them meeting at the bloody campsite. Miller discusses his great uncle Rev. William Miller and the prediction he made about the second coming of Christ. He is surprised to discover that Layla and her group are on the way to Haifa to see their teacher who they believe fulfills Rev Miller's prediction - Christ did return, just not in the way people expected. All the prophecies from the Bible that formed the basis for William Miller's Prediction of a major religious event in 1844 were being paralleled in Persia and the Ottoman Empire - half way around the world where Rev Miller could not have known of them or the religious leaders in Persia known of Rev Miller's Prediction. The Miller Prediction is a work of fiction. However, Rev. William Miller was real and he did predict the return of Christ in 1844. At that time, in Persia, followers of Bahà'u'llàh were being persecuted because of their belief that the spirit of Christ had indeed returned to the world. How the story of Bahà'u'llàh fits the Miller Prediction is unexplainable through logic alone and form the basis of an inspiring - and chilling - story of truly Biblical proportions.
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